Slow Down your Dog’s Eating Habits

Many dogs are prone to bolting their dinner as if its their last meal.

Dogs love their dinner time and it can take less than 30 seconds to actually eat it. Food bolting is a common problem but Great&Small offer the solution in the form of the very effective Slow Down Bowl. Trialled and tested by our staff, it has been found that this bowl can in fact completely eliminate the bolting of food for even the greediest of dogs.

Food Gulping Problems

Common food bolting related problems are:


When food is swallowed air is also ingested when they eat too fast which can lead to discomfort and a bloated feeling. Although more common in broad chested dogs, bloat can effect dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Choking and Regurgitation

With 90 mile an hour munching comes regurgitation when the stomach can’t keep up with the food going in and it comes back up again. Dogs can also choke on undigested food.

Reduced Dental Hygiene

Feeding your dog a dry kibble is a great way to help them to maintain good dental hygiene. When a dog takes the time to crunch on kibble it helps to clean teeth and keep plaque at bay.

The Great&Small Slow Down Bowl designed to stop food bolting instantly

Slow Down Solution

For mutts that munch in record time, the Slow Down Bowl attempts to slow them down by using three raised bits to make your dog eat around them. 

By not down their food in the blink of an eye instances of flatulence are reduced and good digestive health is maintained.

The Slow Down Bowl comes in three sizes for small shovellers (17.5cm), medium munchers (22cm), and large lunch lovers (27cm).

The bowl is made from hard wearing melamine which makes it less breakable than ceramic while being aesthetically pleasing. The rubber bottom keeps the bowl in place and stops your dog from bouncing it off the walls. All Great&Small melamine bowls are also dishwasher safe.

We recommend: Great&Small Slow Down Bowl