Can I Feed My Pet A Vegan Diet?

Can dogs be vegan?

More people are embracing veganism than ever before, with record numbers taking part in Veganuary, the annual 31-day plant-based challenge. Going vegan can be better for the planet and your health, but as a dog or cat owner, you may be wondering if your pet can switch to a plant-based diet, too. The short answer is no, and here are some reasons why…

  • · Dogs and cats need a balanced diet

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, you’re obliged to feed pets a suitable diet that meets their nutritional needs. Dogs and cats have specific requirements that are unlikely to be met with vegan or vegetarian diets.

  • · They’re designed to digest meat

Dogs and cats have strong, highly acidic stomachs that can easily break down meat, bone and organs.

  • · Are natural hunters

With cats being obligate carnivores, and dogs omnivores, they both come from generations of ancestors who’ve hunted meat to survive.

  • · Have tough teeth for tearing meat

Sharp teeth and strong jaws, which easily tear through meat, bone and organs, are a visual indicator of your pets’ meat-eating needs.


What you can do…

Follow the science

Decades of research tells us that a happy and healthy dog or cat is one that is fed a biologically appropriate diet. By giving our pets natural high-meat diets, you’ll see obvious health benefits. Shiny fur, firmer stools and strong joints!

Consider insect-powered pet food

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to meat, check out Yora. The grubs in their pet food are just as nutritious as free-range chicken or line-caught cod and have a fraction of the environmental pawprint of traditionally farmed meat.

Choose high welfare brands

Yora is a great food from an environmental and welfare perspective, but another option if customers want a high welfare food is McAdams. It’s the only dry food in the world made using fully traceable free-range chicken and high welfare meat.

Get advice on pet nutrition

Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Pet Nutrition or discover which food is best for your furry friend at Pet Food Expert.


How else can I be kinder to the environment?

From cosy beds, treats and toys to grooming tools, poop bags and cat litter, we have a great range of eco-friendly pet products to help you and your pet live more sustainably.

At Pets Corner, we want to ensure pets have great nutrition whilst taking care of the planet!