Raw Feeding – The Benefits

Raw feeding is currently seeing a trend in interest, perhaps as we take a stronger interest in the ingredients and traceability of our own foods, it is only natural for pet owners to also look into the same things for our canine and feline friends.

Raw Feeding itself is nothing new. Despite visual genetic differences and a tamer bond with us humans, on a biological level our dogs and cats digestive systems still function very close to their wild roots. Raw Feeding is the diet that nature intended for our dogs and cats.

The original genuinely natural diet for a dog and cat is the one their biological physiology and body chemistry is set up to digest and function on. This would be a diet of predominantly uncooked or un-processed meats. Coupled with meaty bones, fruits, vegetables and non-starchy grains if a dog (never a cat), as an individual, enjoys it.

Benefits Seen in Pets Being Fed a Raw Diet

What is interesting about the raw diet is that the same reported benefits have been consistently noted and talked about, often by totally amazed dog owners, for at least the last 30 years.

The most common being reports of:

  • Fresher breath and cleaner whiter teeth
  • Stable energy levels
  • Improvements in conditions such as pancreatitis or kidney issues
  • Healing of Sensitive stomachs
  • A reduction of allergies and intolerances
  • Anal gland issues clear up
  • Dogs have less flatulence
  • Conditions such as diabetes and epilepsy reportedly need less medication
  • Inflammatory issues such as skin conditions or joint inflammation reduce
  • Older dogs have more energy
  • Stools become harder, smell less and much easier to pick up
  • An increase in a pets appetite

So it seems that Pets who suffer from any of the well-being issues mentioned above may benefit by switching over to a raw diet!

As these common consistently reported benefits are quite remarkable, Pets Corner’s chosen brand of raw food meals for pets, Natures Menu, has recently set up a raw food research team. The aim of this team being to try to establish the science underlying these benefits and what it is about the raw diet that appears to make such a difference to so many dogs.

Frequent Questions and Answers

Q. Will the food be safe to feed, will there be bacteria on the food?

A. Essentially, there will always be some bacteria, just as there would be on your own meat when you handle it at home. Hygiene is of utmost importance, through washing of utensils, hands and surfaces. You would also ensure that the food is not refrozen after it has been
defrosted. Dogs and Cats have a stomach acid ph of 1-2 which means that they are better able to kill off bacteria in their stomachs than us humans, who have a much less acidic ph3-4.

Q. Is it safe to feed raw meaty bones to pets?

A. Only if they are Raw! Cooked bones are more brittle and can easily split or cause choking. Raw bones still contain moisture, are softer, more flexible and easily digested in the high pH of a cat or dogs stomach acid. Please see our article ‘Give the dog a bone’!

Q. Will a raw fed pet shed a high count of worms?

A. This is not something raw feeders have found happens. One keen raw feeder in Cornwall put together her own study
looking at this as a subject, sending samples from raw fed dogs and kibble fed dogs to the company Wormcount. Her results showed the raw fed stools were not only worm free but were smaller, drier and if left deteriorated into the ground with far less mess.

Q. How could I ensure the diet is complete and balanced?

A. The Raw Meals we stock from Natures Menu are ready-made raw meals for cats and dogs that comply with the guidelines for a complete and balanced pet food. We can also order in any of the Natures Menu just minces though for you to create raw meals for your pet in your own kitchen.