Kong Bounzer

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The new Kong offering

Here’s one for Kong enthusiasts – the new Kong Bounzer. I decided to review this toy because in an uncharacteristic but pleasantly surprising turn for Kong it isn’t designed to be stuffed with treats and it doesn’t squeak. Which for Kong lovers everywhere begs the question, “what exactly does it do, then?”.

The purpose of the Kong Bounzer is to satiate your mutt’s need to squeeze and squash something and wrap their chops around it. Using the jaw to explore and enjoy the surrounding environment is very much part of being a dog and this particular toy exercises the need to work the jaw without actually chewing something to bits.

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Squeezy squashy fun

The rubber is lightweight and very easy to squash so even the most tentative of dogs can enjoy this one without putting much effort into it. It’s available in four sizes for big and small mouths to enjoy. Check out the handle on the top; it might look like it’s fallen off the back of a boat or something you’d find in the gym, but you can chuck it across the park for your hound or watch as your pet picks it up and runs off with it, squeezing and squashing it as they go.

Quietly does it

My Shetland Labrador Pony has a Kong rubber rugby ball called “Mr Squeaky”, and unfortunately for the sanity of everyone in the house, it’s his favourite toy ever, ever, ever. Fortunately, the Kong Bounzer doesn’t squeak when squashed so it won’t drive you up the wall. It does give a little puff of air from a hole in the bottom when squashed however, and I know my dog would probably find this quite amusing, and I found it a handy cooling method for my face when it was hot in the store the recently. So there we have it, an unusual offering from Kong that should bring much amusement to dogs everywhere.

And if all else fails, you can hang it from the back of your boat.