Great&Small Ultra Training Pads

Great&Small Puppy Training Pads are infused with a special puppy attractant scent that encourages your puppy to be drawn to peeing on the pad. When dogs pee they leave behind a pheromone to say they’ve been there; other dogs detect this pheromone and want to mark it with their own, thus urinating over the top. The special scent in these puppy pads is a pheromone that draws the puppy to the pad and they then feel the urge to mark it – by peeing on it.

These special pads have sealed edges and extra deep channels to prevent leakage.  The channels help to absorb and stop any liquid in its tracks!  The special five layer protection design of these pads helps make them the toughest yet. Each layer is packed with Super Absorbent Polymer to actively lock in moisture.  However, it’s the special crystal middle layer that really sets these pads apart.  The miniature crystals turn to gel when exposed to liquid, in turn, keeping in moisture and odour! What makes this so impressive is it happens in only a few seconds. So that pad is quickly dry to the touch and free from nasty whiffs!

We recommend: Great&Small Ultra Training Pads.

Puppy pads are also useful for those situations when your dog might be feeling a bit worried such as time spent in a carrier or on car journeys. They keep your dog fresh and soak up those leaks for extra comfort and less mess.

Another thing they can be used for is the dignified comfort of your older dogs, if little accidents come with age these pee pads can help protect bedding and keep your pets comfortable.