Glow in the Dark Collars for Dogs

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The evenings are getting darker sooner, you open the door, the dog dives into the garden and… disappears. If you own a black Labrador, or something else of a dark shade that sort of blends into the shadows, you know how tricky it can be to find your own dog in your own back garden at night. You know every inch of the garden but somehow, the dog could be anywhere.

You can thwart the dog’s efforts to remain illusive by popping on a Great & Small Glow Collar (on the dog that is) before opening the door. It has three flashing modes (on, slow flash and fast flash) so you can locate the mutt during those after dark toilet trips.

Buy Great & Small Glow Collar

Safety First

What I really like about this piece of kit is that unlike a lot of reflective or hi-visibility gear, is this isn’t something your dog wears in addition to their collar – because it’s actually a proper collar. Comfortably, the collar is thick and sturdy and has a nice big ring to clip your lead on to. 

Equally useful for early morning or late night walkies, the flashing modes are especially important for venturing near roads to make your dog visible to drivers (and cyclists, and other dog walkers, and basically anyone who could be envious of such a cool collar). Red is a highly recognisable colour in the dark – think of rear car lights and flashing bicycle lights – so I think red is a really logical colour choice for this collar.

And the Verdict Is...

I really feel I’m doing the night walking safety thing properly with this collar, because it’s a proper collar and it’s got the nice red flashing modes to make sure the dog is seen. I think this is a well thought out product and I’m going to keep one of these handy in the cupboard with Dexter’s reflective coat and lead. Oh, and the collar runs on batteries too.