Essential Holiday Products

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Packing for a holiday can be time consuming and stressful, let alone packing for your four legged friend too. It probably feels like you need to pack everything including the kitchen sink, but here at Pets Corner we have put together our essential product guide to know exactly what to take to provide your and your pup have a stress free getaway!

Flexible Bowl

Great&Small Flexible Travel Bowl

The Flexible Travel Bowl from Great&Small is a must have item for anybody traveling with their pooch! So convenient to transport around! This bowl pops up easily and quickly from a flat disc to a large capacity bowl. Can be used to quench your doggies thirst after a long walk or perhaps to give them their dinner whilst out and about! These are handy and hygienic, plus will stay in place as they are made from non-slip high quality rubber. Having adventures with your doggy best friend has never been easier.


Great&Small Soft Grey Pet Crate

It can be a struggle to transport your dog when on the go. The G&S Soft Grey Pet Crate makes life easy for you and of course comfortable for your pooch. This crate is ideal for short trips both in the car and of course outside on an adventure! Made with metal foldable poles that provide a robust frame, but can be quickly and easily folded down when not needed. A versatile and lightweight product that keeps your canine companion snuggled and secure. With one of these you are bound to have a happy hound and can make some wonderful memories together.


Great&Small Longline Lead

This G&S Longline Lead is a handy product to take with you when out having fun with your pooch. Crafted from a nylon material so incredibly sturdy and durable. It provides your dog with the ability to roam freely and investigate the world whilst still being safe. With ten metres of line there’s plenty of opportunity for your dog to wander, whilst you can rest assured you are always in control. Ideal as a longer lead for some extra space or could be used as a training tool to practise recall! However you decide to use this special lead your doggy is sure to enjoy his walkies with you.


Great&Small Car Harness

Keeping your dog safe on your travels has never been simpler with this harness! Extremely easy to fit and of course fully adjustable, the padded breastplate will keep your canine comfortable and secure. The strong sturdy nature of the material keeps your dog protected from sudden breaking and swerving. This truly is peace of mind and leaves you and your doggy free to enjoy the road trip! So turn up your favourite music and embrace the open road together!

Seatbelt Restraint

Great&Small Seatbelt Restraint

The G&S Universal Seatbelt Restraint is the key to keeping your precious pooch safe and secure. Made with a hardy material, fully adjustable plus very easy to fit! All you need to do clip one end to your dog’s harness and pop the other end in the seatbelt socket! Comes with three different clips so regardless of socket type you can find one to fit perfectly. Absolutely ideal for those times travelling with your dog. Knowing your furry best friend is comfortable and protected means you can enjoy your trip together!


Great&Small Micro Fibre Towel

We all know dogs love to get messy! Well the G&S Fibre Towel is the ideal product to keep your dog damp and dirt free. This is a super absorbent towel that’s made with an extra soft material to gently remove all the muddy bits. This is absolutely ideal for travelling around with your doggy as it folds up smaller than a regular towel. Plus can be machine or hand washed to keep in tip top condition! So, next time your pooch decides to jump in the muddy puddle you will be more than prepared!


RenaSan First Aid Spray

Sometimes dogs get themselves into little scrapes! RenaSan is the revolutionary antiseptic spray made from Hypochlorous, salt and water! An ideal product to keep to hand whilst out travelling with your canine. This spray will soothe and heal your dog’s wounds plus help to prevent further infection. No need to worry about it stinging or hurting your pooch as its natural, PH neutral and perfectly safe to be licked! This must have first aid spray is clinically proven to kill harmful pathogens, plus is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. So next time you are on an adventure with your dog, bring a bottle of RenaSan with you to keep your accident prone pooch safe and protected.

Dogwood Spray

Dogwood Calm and Soothe Body Mist 100ml

It’s not always easy to keep your pooch looking and smelling fresh whilst out exploring. The Dogwood Calm and Soothe Body mist is an absolute must have for the seasoned dog traveller. Made with all natural ingredients so no need to worry about the coat getting dry or damaged. This has been created to actually help improve and nourish your dog’s skin and coat. Making it smell lovely but also look hydrated and shiny. Very ideal for those ‘in between bath moments’ out on the road when your pooch is a bit pongy. Plus the Chamomile has wonderful calming properties, that’s sure to keep your doggy relaxed and happy!

Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy Mini Calm Spray

Exploring with your cuddly canine friend is one of the best experiences! If your pooch is a bit nervous a helping hand can be beneficial whilst traveling. Pet Remedy has been clinically proven to help relieve stress and anxiety in nervous pets. Made from natural botanicals Valerian, Vetiver, Sweet Sage and Basil, this spray helps to bring the messengers in the brain to a calm and relaxed state. This is the perfect product for on the go! Simply spraying some on the collar of your pet, rubbing gently on the muzzle or by spraying lightly on your clothing. This could provide the key to a stress free happy dog who can enjoy making memories with you.


Great&Small Fleece Blanket

When travelling you can’t always rely on the weather to keep your dog that warm or safe. The G&S Fleece Blanket is super soft and snuggly! Its machine washable so can be kept sparkly clean at all times. So whether you are out camping in the rain, relaxing on a sunny picnic or travelling the roads your pup will always be cosy and comfortable!


Great&Small Walkies Training Pouch

Going out for an adventure with your dog is always wonderful. However the amount of items you have to lug around with you can get overwhelming! This pouch is great when you are on the go, as it has three different clips that can be fastened easily to your belt or waistband! It’s got a drawstring and a zippered pocket to store something delicious for your doggy! Plus if you are out and about training there’s even a clicker compartment! The Walkies Training Pouch truly does take the pressure off your travels!

Travel Mat

Great&Small Black Travel Mat

Nothing is more bonding for you and your dog than travelling the open road together. Keeping your pooch comfortable and happy during your excursions is easy with this Travel Mat! Made with Teflon material this special mat repels water, oil and stains! Not to mention it has a microbial coating to keep it smelling fresh, and is water resistant! Best of all it can be rolled up neatly so it’s easy to store and travel with.

Water Bottle

H204K9 Silver Steel Water Bottle

It’s so important to make sure your dog is well hydrated and happy, whilst out traveling and exploring what the world has to offer! This Stainless Steel water Bottle is the perfect item to have with you. It’s hardwearing for continuous use and has a sturdy clip that can be used to secure onto your rucksack or belt! Amazingly this bottle keeps the water cool and fresh so your dog can relax and have a well-deserved drink when needed. Absolutely perfect for those hot summer adventures that await you!

Quick Tag

Quick Tag

Every dog owner needs to know that if their pooch decides to wander off they can be safely returned. Quick Tags are an essential must have item for when on the go with your doggy. Of course they come in a variety of different shapes and colours to suit your dog’s particular taste. These are fully customisable so you can be sure the correct contact information is being presented to the public. Plus of course they are hard wearing and come with a split ring for eases of attachment. With one of these you can help keep your dog safe and of course you can rest assured you are abiding by the law.

Calming Chews

Hemp Calming Chews

We all want something special to treat our dogs with when off out exploring. The Hemp Calming treats are the perfect chew to take away with you. The stick design means they are wonderful for your dog’s dental health, plus lovely as a nice chewy distraction while you are enjoying a picnic outdoors. The added Green Tea, Lemon Balm and Chamomile make these chews extra special as they have wonderful calming properties. All in all a lovely little chew to keep them relaxed and of course occupied!

Great&Small Extra Strong Floating Rope with Handle and Ball Tug

Great&Small Floating Rope Toy

When travelling with your pooch it’s important to have an enriching toy to help keep them happy and entertained! The Floating Rope toy is fantastic both on land and water! So rest assured if your dog is predisposed to jumping into rivers or ponds, this toy is definitely for you! Its bright eye catching colours are easy to track down in grass or water. Plus the tough braided rope design is fantastic for keeping your pooches teeth and gums healthy! So whether you are playing tug of war or throwing the toy into water you can guarantee your dog will have lots of fun!


Now you’ve got all your products, let’s find somewhere to stay!

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