Cats and Travel

The cat needs to see the vet/groomer/in-laws – and you need to somehow get your less than willing moggy into a carrier without demolishing the house in the process.

While dogs generally go bananas when given the chance to venture into the big wide world, cats tend to come over all unnecessary and try every trick in the book to stay on home turf.

Hiding on top of the kitchen cupboards, swinging from the curtains, doing “the starfish” so you can’t get them in the carrier without a shoehorn…

Two can play at that game…

Cats feel secure in their own familiar environment, and they naturally retreat to quiet enclosed areas during times of stress. A cosy carrier is better than a spacious one, as your cat is unlikely to move around much during transit, and a more intimate carrier can help them to feel safe.

The Ferplast Atlas Vision 20 and Great & Small Soft Pet Den are nice and secure and ideal for moving moggies, and for the slightly less frantic feline, the Great & Small Wicker Carrier makes for a stylish carriage. Covering your carrier with a blanket to provide darkness can also help to settle a stressed feline traveler!

It’s all very well having the ideal carrier, but it’s hopeless if your cat won’t go anywhere near it. You can encourage your cat to be happy inside the carrier by regularly leaving it on the floor for your cat to wander in and out of. Place their favourite treats in the carrier to help them to associate it with something nice (as with all treats, go easy on them to avoid the tubby tabby thing!).

Once your cat has decided the carrier is an okay place to be, you’ve almost won the battle. You can really finish the job by spraying Feliway Spray into the carrier 15 minutes before putting (or shoehorning) the cat inside. Feliway mimics the the natural pheromone cats leave as a scent mark (when they rub their faces on your leg!) and makes them feel… chilled out, dude. Good luck.