Catnip Toys for Cats

Catnip is a fab way to help cats de-stress and relax after a long day of hunting (or sunbathing). From the mint family, catnip contains a chemical that is non-addictive and completey safe for cats, that elicits steroetypical behaviours and repsones.

A response to catnip affects all of the cat’s senses – touch, smell, sight, sound, and taste. The intensity of the reaction can vary greatly between individuals, but its shown that 80% of our domestic furries will respond in some way. Responses that are most commonly seen are that of investigation, tasting, grasping and kicking, and abandonment – rolling on the floor.

Does your cat..?

•Sneeze and Sniff Catnip

•Lick and Chew at the toy or sprinkles

•Head Shaking and Dribble

•Chin and cheek rub all over the catnip and floor

•Head-over roll and body rub

•Eat the catnip

•Purr and mew  

A reaction to catnip normally lasts a few minutes, and then the behaviour will taper off. Then generally after an hour or two the cat will react again to the catnip. Often the same reaction can will occur again and again.

Did you know – that kittens often won’t respond to catnip? They have to reach full sexual maturity (around 4-6 months of age) before they become prey to the dizzying effects of catnip!



Catnip Products

There are many types of catnip available for cat owners to pamper their pets with. From fresh to dried, from low quality to high quality. The plant can be used in a number of ways aswell, from a sprinkle over their food for a tasty treat for those fussy eaters, to a super stuffed toy to encourage play and exercise.

Our favourite products are:

King Catnip

King Catnip toys for cats contain pure organic catnip which is grown in North American Fields, fed and surrounded by glaciers. These incredible growing conditions ensure that the catnip grown there is of the highest quality and is 100% natural. As the leaves are the most potent part of the plant, these toys are made with only the leaves and contain no additional filling or stuffing; just premium, organic catnip.

This fun, vibrant, colourful range of cat toys are perfect for encouraging predatorial play and activity whilst being highly entertaining for owners to watch. King Catnip toys are totally safe and non-addictive. The King Catnip range of toys can be found here.

Kong Sratch Apple

The Kong Scratch Apple cat toy combines the fun and action of a catnip toy with the irresistible feel of corrugate scratchers that cats love. The Scratch Apple features a twist-off top with a hollow core for easy catnip filling. Simply twist off the top to fill toy with fresh catnip – you even get a pot of premium North American catnip to pop in the toy too! This toy is fab as part of a healthy exercise routine for plump pussies.

Kong Kickeroo

The Kong Kickeroo is our favourite for releasing the inner hunter of our favourite cats. Cats are encouraged to attack wrestle and snuggle up to the Kickeroo. The unique Kong Kickeroo’s size, shape and material were specially chosen to promote wrestling and hind paw kicking, this toy appeals to a Cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey – fab for encouraging play and hunting behaviour for a happy and satisfied cat.

Cosmic Catnip

Long lasting, strong and fresh, Cosmic Catnip is a 100% natural and grown again in North America for potency. This product is great for using a sprinkle on your cats foods or for introducing new scratch furniture in loose leaf form or yu canfind the spray. You can also give old toys a new lease of life by re-stuffing and spraying with these products as a handy re-fill.