We Sex Your Pets Correctly

“If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”.

As the saying goes, at Pets Corner we put a great deal of effort into what we do, especially the things that really matter – and extra especially the things that absolutely must be done properly, such as the correct sexing of our small animals.

Why is the correct sexing of small animals so important?

Well, imagine bringing home two gorgeous guinea pigs, sold to you as two females. Weeks later you wake up to discover that not only do you now have six guinea pigs, but the one that hasn’t given birth was actually a male and probably impregnated the female at the pet store. How do you care for the new mother and her babies? Where are you going to keep the babies once they grow up? Are you going to take them to a rescue centre or a pet store? And if you do take them to a pet store, can you be sure they won’t be mistakenly placed with guinea pigs of the opposite sex, thus starting the cycle again with another unsuspecting customer?

What of the rescue centres that are constantly inundated with offspring from accidental pregnancies? Both cottage rescues and established charities alike are heaving with pets looking for new homes, and many of these numbers can be reduced on the shop floor with the correct sexing of the animals by the staff before they leave the premises.

Mistakes Shouldn’t Happen

We were horrified to hear of a mishap at a large pet superstore recently, where a customer visited and spotted a heavily pregnant guinea pig having been advertised as a male. We were completely speechless when we heard that, after a staff member insisted the guinea pig was simply an overweight male, the guinea pig promptly gave birth in front of both customer and staff member.

Even if a breeder is 100% sure that a small animal is male or female, our staff will do a second examination to make sure this is correct before placing the animal for sale. Why do we do this? It isn’t merely a case of assuming the breeder is correct or giving the animal a cursory glance upon arrival, it’s an extremely important check that simply has to be done because the implications of getting it wrong reach far beyond the pet store.

It should be second nature to all pet stores to train their staff to such a professional level that this sort of mistake doesn’t happen.

This is why our slogan is “The Pets Corner Difference”. We ARE different, we ARE professional, and we DO sex your pets correctly. We wouldn’t have anything less.