Our Trained Staff

An artist's impression of an eager Pets Corner staff member

Clever clogs

The staff at Pets Corner are trained to extremely high standards to give our customers the best advice and guidance in the industry.

We’ve been advising in pet nutrition since 1968 and since then we’ve included lots of other stuff we know will be useful to customers and their pets.

Lots of training

Our staff are trained individually or in small groups to give them maximum attention from their trainer. Their responses to “roll over” are vastly improving and some of them even return tennis balls on command (Great & Small Tennis Balls, of course). We have over 200 training documents for them to chew over (or chew on, in some cases) and staff are regularly tested to make sure the information has gone in. For every 25 eager members of staff we have a dedicated trainer.

The Pets Corner curriculum includes (among many) fascinating subjects such as nutrition, treatments, wild bird stuff, and aquatic and livestock management. We teach them what food is best for Fido (who keeps scratching himself silly), how to sort out Rover’s bad breath, and why Britain’s jumbo-sized pigeons are taking over our gardens.

Some of the biggest product ranges we stock have training documents all of their own. Our principal trainer scribbles away (and keeps pencil makers in business) to produce the most thorough information to keep our staff busy and well informed.

Boundless enthusiasm

Pets Corner employees are generally very enthusiastic about imparting their new found pearls of wisdom to our customers. Sometimes they get so enthusiastic about it they almost go pop right there on the shop floor.

With so many great new products being introduced to our ever expanding range, there’s always something new for our staff to learn… and with most of them being utterly potty about pets it’s very easy to get them excited. 

Proud to be egg heads

We’re extremely proud of our curriculum and our depth of training, and we’re determined to tap into the memory banks of our staff and give our customers more than just a trip to the pet shop. If you feel we haven’t answered something to your satisfaction, let us know. We can always squeeze more training in…