Tough Rubber Toys for Dogs

Buy 99% Natural Rubber Toys

The hunt for the perfect rubber toy is sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack, and sometimes a case of weeding out the rubber from the rubbish. 

However, Great&Small are waging war on the rubber toy hunt with their new ultra-strong 99% natural rubber toys! Bright and bouncy, they last longer, bounce higher and amuse dogs for longer!

Buy 99% Natural Rubber Toys

Made From 99% Natural Rubber

These orange rubber toys are made from 99% natural rubber, making them tougher and longer-lasting than toys made from synthetic rubber.

Designed for tough tugging and relentless fetching, natural rubber stands up to punishment from dinky dogs to huge hounds without crumbling or falling to pieces – great value for money!

Ideal for Interactive Play

Interactive playtime between dog and owner is very important enrichment for both parties!

These toys can be thrown, bounced, tugged, fetched or chucked into water for a soggy doggy experience.

For fetch purposes, the rubber is a bright orange colour for easy spotting and retrieving.

Play Safe!

Rubber toys provide hours of fun for dogs of all shapes and sizes, but remember Рno toy is indestructible! Great&Small rubber toys will withstand light chewing and are intended for interactive play between dog and human. Always supervise your dog whilst playing with toys and inspect regularly for signs of damage. Discard and replace if necessary.