Tins from Canagan

Buy Canagan Tins for Cats Canagan Cat Tin in Fresh Chicken Flavour

I knew before I even looked at the side of the tin that this was going to be good, because Canagan comes from the same people as Symply, which has proven itself to be the dietary answer to a variety of weird and wonderful problems. My own Labrador eats (inhales) Symply for his creaky joints and now bounces around like a puppy, so he can attest to this.

Canagan has created a complimentary food for cats, which means it’s a great addition to a complete food or just a fun treat. It’s very similar to Applaws, using human-grade meat and being a nice simple tin of good food.

Buy Canagan Tins for Cats

Natural and Tasty

Canagan comes in four flavours to (hopefully) please the most discerning moggies; chicken, chicken and vegetables, tuna, and tuna and prawn.

As I don’t have a cat of my own I couldn’t road test this product at home, but I do however appreciate the simplicity of the recipe. The ingredients in Canagan tinned food are simple; the meat, the broth, and the tapioca. There are no extra additives, preservatives, colours or flavours, which is probably a good thing if your moggy is already walking up the wallpaper and swinging from the curtains.

There is also no grain in these tins, which means it’s completely free of wheat and doesn’t even include rice. The meat content is extremely high; in fact it contains over 90% meat which is exactly what cats go nuts for, and it’s cooked in a natural gravy for the gravy loving cats among us.

The Verdict Is...

All in all I have to vote this an excellent addition to the great sea of tinned cat foods because from a nutrional point of view I can’t see a down side, and compared to many of the alternatives on the market today, this is definitely a link in the chain to healthier, happier cats.