The Pets Corner Difference: Hide Chews

Pets Corner believe that Great & Small provide the best hide chews in town, this is because they are made from Buffalo Hide, which has more density making a heavier and longer lasting chew for your best bud.

Great & Small’s hide chews are the best in the business, designed to last and give value. Our competitors specify their chews purely on price whereas Great & Small’s chews are 100% pure buffalo hide and are thicker, stronger and tougher than the rest.

In fact they are up to 45% heavier than competitor’s product, which means that they last much longer and are better value for money. These hide chews were shipped to the Pets Corner testing station to see just how tough they are. We’ve tested our products to destruction so your pet doesn’t have to, see the video below for more. Rawhide chews also help to keep your pet quiet and his teeth squeaky clean. All Great & Small raw hide chews, are Salmonella treated. If you would like to visit one of our stores please see our store finder by clicking here.