The Pets Corner Difference: Cat Scratchers

Tough Cat Scratchers can be hard to find, they need to survive the sharpest of claws and amuse the minds of these gracious four legged fur balls. Luckily for Cat owners we found Great & Small, their posts are made from tough hardwearing sisa

These handsome scratchers come in all shapes and sizes, from a small one suitable for a kitten to a built in bed scratcher, somre even have tunnels and slides. The scratchers also come in tasteful colours which are perfect to fit into your home’s decor.

Due to their toughness these scratchers last a lot longer, saving you money and giving them hours of fun and natural scratching.

If they don’t take to it straight away a little Catnip should do the trick.

We’ve tested our products to destruction so your pet doesn’t have to, see the video below for more. If your cat likes to climb, scratch or play there is something for everyone. These scratchers are so tough we offer a 1 year workmanship guarantee…..just in case! If you would like to visit one of our stores please see our store finder by clicking here.