Teething Puppies

Puppies begin teething at four months (sometimes sooner in smaller breeds) and continue until around eight months old. The discomfort of new teeth coming through naturally makes them want to chew things because it relieves the pain. We need to give them something to chew on before they chew the furniture!

Where do the teeth go?

When puppy teeth fall out they sometimes get swallowed with dinner, and sometimes they get stuck in the carpet until you vacuum them up or walk them around on your socks. When a dog feels something loose in their mouth they naturally chew it and in the case of teeth that have fallen out, they get chewed and eaten.

Toys for teething troubles

The Petstages Cool Teething Stick is designed exactly for teething puppies and can be frozen to soothe sore gums. The frozen crunchiness also adds to the interest factor and makes the toy nice and chewy for your puppy.

Helping your puppy to teethe is also about taking their minds off it while playing with them, and the Petstages Toss and Shake is nice and soft on your puppy’s mouth, so you can bond with your puppy while still being gentle.

Soft natural rubber toys are a great introduction to rubber chewing toys, and the Nylabone Puppy Teethe ‘n’ Toss Bone and Nylabone Puppy Double Action Chew are interestingly shaped with lumps and bumps to help you to teach your puppy to chew them, and not the sofa!

The Nylabone Pacifier, Teething Rings, and Keys are very interesting objects to chew. As your puppy chews them, the tooth holes and ridges on the surface provide extra interest and can help to keep your puppy’s new teeth nice and clean.

Teething gel to the rescue

Lastly, if your puppy is still suffering, M&C Puppy Teething Gel soothes sore gums and contains clove leaf, chamomile and peppermint oils to help to reduce infection in bleeding gums.