Stop Squirrels Stealing your Bird Food

Opportunistic squirrels will often raid the bird tables and feeders stealing all that lovely food we put out for our garden birds. We have a few hints and tips to help deter these very cute thieves…

Stop the bandits

The squirrel problem really needed tackling so I got my hands on a Great & Small Squirrel Proof Nut Feeder; they can’t get their picky little hands far enough through the outer cage to pinch the nuts, as demonstrated when I hung it from the hook under my bird table, and they tried every trick in the book short of using tweezers to extract the nuts without success.

While I was at it I also decided to bring home a Great & Small Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder because I reasoned that if they can’t pinch the nuts, they’re going to pinch the seed instead. Hanging both feeders on each side of by bird table also looks rather hi-tech too. I did generally feel a bit sorry for the squirrels if I’m going to be honest, but then my neighbour has an actual squirrel feeder in her garden, so the squirrels will have to go and congregate over there from now on. And unless the squirrels learn how to use tweezers, I think my nuts are safe.