Setting the Standard for Animal Care

Pets Corner is unique in how we buy, keep and sell our livestock. We only buy from breeders in our Star Breeder Program, we keep our animals in the lap of luxury, and we only sell to families where we believe they will be loved and cared for. We are setting the standard for the new breed of pet shop, where animals are well looked after by a team of properly trained and responsible staff, leaving the old fashioned impersonal and untrained methods in the dark ages.

Our Star Breeders have been specially selected by us for their good practice and high standards. We stock a comfortably limited number of animals in our stores as we like to give each one personal attention for their wellbeing during their stay with us. It’s not uncommon to find rabbits playing in a pen next to the counter, or a guinea pig being cuddled by a member of staff – we may be a business, but the health and happiness of our animals comes first.

Fully Trained

At Pets Corner our staff are fully trained in the husbandry of the animals we sell, from aquatics to small animals, and only our specially trained staff can release our livestock to customers. We are the only pet stores in the UK to have a 100% Guarantee that our small furries have been correctly sexed by our trained staff, giving you peace of mind that your beloved new hamster George isn’t really Georgina! We arm our customers with the knowledge to give their new pets all the love and attention they need, and every small furry is sent home with a birth certificate to help you to trace their origins. As we have the interests of the animal at heart, whether it be a fish or a rabbit, we will only let them go to homes we’re satisfied can give them everything they deserve.

We Care Beyond The Shop Floor

We don’t stop there however, as our support continues beyond the sale of the animal with our 21 Day Health Guarantee. Should your new pet become unwell 21 days after purchase from us and your vet agrees illness began prior to purchase, we will cover the cost of your vet’s fees – our commitment to you and your new pets is what makes us different.

We care, we love our animals, and we don’t forget them once they’ve found a new home. Pets Corner is striving to raise the bar for standards of animal husbandry in British pet stores because we believe livestock deserve more than a price tag.