Reptiles Galore

Did you know… We sell food for your reptiles in most of our branches! This includes dry, insects and frozen. We also sell bedding, bulbs and at some stores vivariums. We can order all this and more especially for you and your reptiles.

Very recently Pets Corner took the reptile world a step further and started selling reptiles straight from our Thatcham store. The reptiles that are now sold there include: Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Horsefield Tortoises, Corn Snakes (Amelanistic and Carolina) and Bearded Dragons.

They really are such big charaters! Yoda, the Bearded Dragon, is a very feisty young man. He has learnt that the sound of the vivarium keys means food and starts to dance around in excitement when he hears that jingle jangle. The tortoises have their breakfast, yummy pansies, they then begin to charge around, climbing up their huts and tumbling back down again. The Leopard Geckos are nocturnal so are mainly seen when it’s food time, but when they come out for that highly anticipated occasion they wiggle their tails and then delicately pick up their food and munch it down.

We have so many interesting and charming reptiles in their temporary quaters at Thatcham waiting for that loving customer to give them a new home. The staff there can help you on so many aspects in keeping and caring for your new chum, have a visit and chat with a member of staff on the fun of keeping reptiles. For a list of online reptile food and other stock, click here.