Raw Feeding – For Cats!

Cats are hunters! Feeding them the raw diet, as nature intended, is easier than you think. Whilst dogs have made the headlines switching over to raw diets, feeding raw to cats has so far not been as well understood, yet our nation’s cats have been catching and eating raw meals for years in our outbuildings and back gardens!

There are many consistently reported benefits of switching your cat over to the diet that nature chose for them. Including appetite and health improvements. 

Switching Your Cat to Raw

The key point is to do this gradually. It is also much easier to transition cats from wet food to raw than it is from dry food to raw.

If Your Cat is on Wet Food:

Start by adding a nugget into the food they already have, then increase the amount of nuggets in each meal or at least each day so that you are feeding more and more of the raw cat food and less of the original food – but altogether in one dish. If your cat is only having a small amount of nuggets you can do this starting with ½ nuggets rather than whole ones.

If Your Cat is on Dry Kibble:

If feeding dry kibble based foods, the absolute easiest way to get them onto the raw is to first gradually wean them over to wet food, our pouches would be great for this, and then gradually wean them onto the raw nuggets. Do this in the same way by adding a spoonful to the dry food meals and then increasing the wet food on a meal to meal, or at least day to day basis until the cat gets used to eating the wet food. It is best to not leave kibble down for them all day long. Cats are not grazers, they are hunters. They originally become part of our lives dues to their hunting capabilities.

If there is a medical reason that means you need to simply switch your cat right over to the food this is safe to do. You simply run the risk of the cat not taking to the food as well as if you gradually wean them on to it. 

Feeding Natures Menu raw food is suitable for kittens over the age of 6weeks. Prior to that it can be used heated as this would mimic the way the mother would feed her kittens in the wild by part digesting the food for them.

What if You have the Notorious Fussy Cat?

Cats are well known to be fussy. Sometimes it can be upsetting to feel we are not providing the best for our pets or even frustrating if your cat seems keen to eat something one day but maybe not the next. This is because without constant variety they literally do become attached to a certain type of meat or flavour. This can happen even if they have previously appeared to like a flavour or meat type in the past. Each day is new to a cats feeding regime.

The easiest way to avoid this happening is to buy 1 of each type of raw cat food and then vary the variety of nugget you feed to them each day. Some cats can attach on to food type in as little as 4 days others do so in around a week. If you find your cat has done this the best thing to do is to wean them onto the new variety of nugget in the same way described above, simply add a spoonful of the new variety and gradually add more each meal or day.

You really will thank yourself for starting them on all 3 though and sticking to the cats much preferred variety. It may also be handy to have an emergency pack of our cat pouches available just in case your cat won’t eat the raw for a few meals. They may also equally not want the pouches then! But you will be pleased you do have something else to try.

The key point to remember is that it is normal for a cat to want variety and normal for a cat to need to be consistently re-weaned if they have eaten one type of meat or food variety for a period of days and have become attached to it. You are not spoiling them by keeping up the variety, but simply feeding them as nature intended a feline to be fed.

It is safe to feed the pouches and the nuggets of raw cat food together during any transition weaning process.

Cats also much prefer food at room temperature and not chilled or cold food. On many occasions simply letting the food reach room temperature is enough to tempt the cat to eat. You may also find adding something like a little grated cheese or the juice from fish or tinned fish – although preferably not the salty brine versions, look for the fish in water versions instead as these often have much less added salt content.

If your cats do leave the food the best thing to do is pick it up, cover it and put it into the fridge so it stays fresh. Making sure it reaches room temperature again before presenting it to your cat again later that day.

Be Hygenic

Always remember this is raw food. We boast an excellent bacteria testing procedure to ensure it is as low as possible, and we deliver straight to freezers so the food is never defrosted before it reaches you. But even meat bought for human consumption can still carry bacteria.  It is advisable to always wash hands and utensils after handling raw meat, and not re-freezing food once it has been defrosted.