Please Clean Up Your Dog Poo!

It’s a very smelly subject that I want to get to the bottom of before it ends up on the bottom of my shoe. I was being walked by my dog the other day when I found myself being dragged rather quickly toward a pile of dog poo in the middle of the pavement that required evasive action any Star Trek captain would be proud of. A quick twist one way and a giant step akin to a horse negotiating the water obstacle on a cross country course, and I was safely over it.

Pick Up The Poo!

Why people don’t pick up after their dogs is a bit of a mystery to me. I know it smells really bad, and I know it doesn’t always make itself easy to pick up, but if you have a dog you should be picking up the poo. Do what I do and put the poop bag over your hand, and then pick up the poo before pulling the bag down around it. If I can do it with a giant Shetland Labrador Pony bouncing up and down on the other end of the lead, anyone can do it.

Don’t always remember to put your bags in your pocket? We have available in-store a nice little range of poop bag holders that can be clipped onto the lead so you’ll never forget your poop bags again. We even sell the poop bag refill rolls. Or keep your poop bag stash next to your lead.

One of my favourite tools for after dark poo collections is the Ancol Poop Bag Holder and Torch. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and I don’t have to hold a great big heavy torch while wrestling a poop bag from my pocket because the bags are already inside my torch.

There’s an answer to every excuse for not cleaning up after your dog. There are plenty of dog poo bins in public places (I’ve found no less than four in my village alone), and Pets Corner sells all the accessories you need. I quite like my dog walking shoes… please help me to keep them clean!