Pets Need Space!

Animal welfare comes first at Pets Corner, and if a cage a customer wants to buy isn’t big enough for the animal, we make other recommendations or just don’t sell the item.

This is true for dog coats, beds, small animal housing, and anything else where pets need space to move or to live.

We’re a business, but the welfare of the pets comes first, above and beyond profit.

Here’s an Example…

A customer recently visited our Hereford store for a guinea pig cage. We stock a smaller sized cage that we recommend for use as temporary housing or a place of convalescence, however this particular customer wanted to use it as permanent accommodation. Following his training and using our philosophy of more space is better, our member of staff (John) advised that this particular cage wasn’t suitable for permanent accommodation, and chose not to sell the cage to the customer.

We know this was the right thing to do. We all want to make money and take home a nice wage packet at the end of the month, but if it’s not suitable for what the customer intends to use it for, we’re happy to refuse the sale. Everyone here is an animal lover, we’ve all got pets who we love to pieces, and we wouldn’t advise anything less than we would expect for our beloved furry, feathery and scaly chums. That is what makes us a genuinely caring pet shop and we’re proud of it.

The customer complained to our Managing Director and “bragged” that she had bought the same cage at a local pet superstore. Sadly, this of course doesn’t help the guinea pig, and our crusade to ensure pets get decent sized homes continues.