Pets Aren’t Just For Christmas

It’s the festive season again and we’re surrounded by Christmas music wherever we go, trees and bright baubles in the shops, and everyone seems to be that bit happier than they were last week.

Everyone is looking for that amazingly wonderful and unusual gift that will make their recipient gleefully happy and this sometimes extends to animals being given as Christmas presents. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it becomes a bad thing when the purchase is made on a festive whim and little to none of the proper research is done into the proper care.

Here isĀ our guide to helping you decide if buying a pet for Christmas is the right thing for you, your recipient, and the pet.

The Big Question

The first question you should ask yourself is this: Does my recipient really want a new pet?

Buying a pet for a family member might seem like a wonderful thing to do, but do they really want the responsibility of caring for a new pet and, in the case of children especially, you may need to take over the duty of care if they lose interest.

Things to Think About

1. Who will be looking after the animal? You? Your children? Can you trust your children to be dedicated enough to care for the animal for the rest of its life?

2. Will you happily take over the care duties if your children lose interest? Can you dedicate the time to give the animal essential daily love, cuddles and attention on top of feeding and cleaning care?

3. Where will you keep the animal? Indoors our outdoors? Do you have a suitable space set up? can you keep it safe from the dogs and cats in the house? Is it going to end up unloved in a hutch at the bottom of the garden?

4. Have you budgeted for medical attention should it be needed? Can you put a little money aside each month just in case?

5. Can you afford to feed your new pet? Have you researched the appropriate diet? Do you know where you’ll be buying your feed supplies from (e.g. Pets Corner for dried feed, hay, treats and live bugs; vegetables from the market, wholesaler, supermarket, farm shop, etc).

6. Do you know what you’ll be bedding your pet on?

7. Is anyone in your household allergic to pet hairs? If so, a fluffy pet might not be such a good idea! Fish or reptiles may be more appropriate.

8. What will you do if for some reason you can’t care for your pet anymore? Do you know of any local rescue centres who may be able to help?

Need Extra Help?

If you can’t answer some or any of the questions above, our staff at Pets Corner are fully trained in the husbandry of the animals we sell, and they are here to give you friendly and thorough advice.

Remember, pets are for life – not just for Christmas. Please give it a lot of consideration before you make that Christmas purchase. Pets have needs and feelings too.