Perrito – Fab New Natural Doggy & Moggy Treats!

We had nice surprise on our store delivery this week in the form of some brand new and very interesting looking treats for cats and dogs. We’re big fans of natural treats (with no added sugars, preservatives, colours, flavours and other stuff…) so we were quite excited to find the new Perrito treats in one of our boxes – and the best bit is they come in a huge range of flavours for both cats and dogs to keep everyone happy!

Low in fat

These treats are low in fat, which is great if you want to give the odd treat to your roly-poly pet or use the smaller treats for training purposes, and they’re oven roasted, something we don’t often come across but is a much healthier way of preparing the treats for our pets – a big plus! I’m personally going to be taking some of these home for Dexter to reward him for leaving his smelly offerings in the garden (and not in the house!).