Goodbye to Smelly Cat Litter!

Cats are fascinating creatures and make wonderful companions for us ever doting owners. However, there is one area of cat care that none of us look forward to… changing the litter tray. Smelly dirty litter trays are a sad sight for both owners and cats alike. Did you know there are now more litters to choose from than ever before? It can quickly become very confusing trying to decide which litter is best for you and your cat. To help in this quest to keep that tray smell free here’s a handy guide to all those different litters:


Clay based clumping litters are a popular choice for most pet owners! Made from natural minerals the quick clumping helps you to quickly remove dirty bits easily, and keep your cat’s tray fresh and hygienic. Felipure is a fantastic clumping based litter that is actually the first of its kind. This special litter contains an Odour Block (made from an antibacterial coating) which keeps those nasty whiffs away from your cat’s litter tray for up to 72hours! Not to mention it’s soft on paws and comes in a lovely grass and cherry blossom scent.


Corn based litters are a biodegradable and environmentally friendly alternative to most common cat litters. Made from you guessed it…. puffed corn! Corn is fantastically absorbent and easily soaks up urine and smell from your cat’s tray. The nature of corn also means that this type of litter is often completely safe to flush down your toilet! Hurrah no more trips to the bins in the pouring rain! Maizy is one of these handy litters and as well as being long-lasting and flushable its soft texture makes it comfortable for your cat’s delicate paws.

Pine and Paper-based

Pine and paper litters are widely used for small animal litter trays, but did you know they can be used for our feline friends as well? Pine based litters are earth friendly and completely biodegradable. Pine Magic is one of these super green litters and is dust free so suitable for the youngest of kitties. Not to mention it has a lovely fresh pine scent! This super litter absorbs liquid and nasty odours much quicker than most mineral based alternatives.


Silicia based litters are fast becoming a popular choice for cat owners. This natural mineral is combined with water and can be a powerful litter with an absorption rate of 200%! Nullodor is one of these special and innovative litters.  This litter is soft, hygienic and has anti-static properties which stop it sticking your cats paws. All you need to do is mix the litter daily so the moisture (and odour!) will spread evenly through those super absorbent crystals. These litters are incredibly long lasting and come in a variety of colours to suit your cat’s particular taste. If you have an older moggy or a cat who often suffers with urinary problems, why not try the Nullodor Mature? This creative litter actually changes colour when it detects abnormalities in your cats urine, this is perfect for alerting you to a potential problem!

A little information goes a long way in the world of cat litter. Be sure to visit your nearest Pets Corner store where our fully trained staff can give you further information and advice on our different litters. Let’s all work together to keep those nasty smells away and our cat’s litter trays sparkling clean. Happy Scooping!

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