New Puppy Check List

Puppy Shopping List

Collars and Leads Puppies grow out of their collars before you can blink and when you’re podding out for a matching lead, it would be nice to buy the collar in larger sizes as your puppy grows up. Look for soft collars that are easy on little necks (see this previous blog on Your Puppy’s First Collar).

Feed and Water Bowls (and puppy food too!) We recommend these melamine bowls for their rubber base for water-patting food-inhaling puppies. Their rubber base will stop them sliding around the kitchen floor and the material is touch and scratch resistant.

Melamine is less breakable than ceramic and I don’t think I’d feel so green watching a melamine bowl slide across the kitchen!

Grooming Stuff It’s a good idea to set your puppy up from a young age to learn that being bathed and groomed is okay, or a lifetime of soggy-hairy-dog-wrestling may ensue. A combination of John Paul Pet Tearless Shampoo for sensitive puppy skin and the very gentle soft-bristled My FURst Groomer is an excellent start to making the whole grooming experience pleasant and stress free.

Crates and Beds Some people crate train their puppies to use the crate as a safe place to retreat to and a nice snug bed.

Puppy Chew Toys. Nylabone make some amazing toys specifically designed for teething puppies to chew. See this previous blog on Teething Puppies for more ideas! Poop Bags and Training Pads Don’t leave the pet store without them! Training pads are useful to contain those calls of nature that simply can’t wait for you to open the door.