Natural Treats for Small Furries

We all love to treat our pets, whether we have cats, dogs, rabbits, zebras, guinea pigs, or bearded dragons. I love to treat my guinea pigs sometimes but, being a guinea pig care fanatic and very conscious about what goes into my pets, I’m very choosy about what I buy for them.

The only treats that I’ve found that are free from artificial colours, flavours and additives are the Naturals range from Rosewood. Now, the best treats you can give to your small furries are fresh fruits and vegetables or some nice clean grass from the garden, but if you really want to do something a bit different (because we all love to treat our furry friends!), then I highly recommend this stuff. They use dried grasses, herbs, fruit and vegetables – and that’s it.

A special treat

I have two guinea pigs called Jasper and Bruno, and they live in a large cage in my kitchen. When they’re not sizing each other up for lunch, elbowing each other out of the way, and generally having a “my whiskers are longer than yours” competition, they sometimes behave well enough to get a special treat – and they really, really love the Naturals Strawberry Sticks. I’ve never seen a treat disappear so quickly. They almost literally buzz the tasty bit off the outside and leave the bare stick in the middle in under 24 hours. It’s like watching a pair of hairy piranhas. Now there’s a scary thought.