Natural Dental Care for Dogs

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There’s nothing like a doggy grin to make your day. There’s also nothing like the terrible smell that follows the doggy grin to make you feel green. Bad doggy breath is one of those smells you never forget. Even rotting haddock smells fragrant by comparison.

Bad breath in dogs is common and is a side effect of dental hygiene that could be better.

Here are some natural (and subtle) solutions to dental care with no additives or sugars.

Buy Antos Vegetable Chewbrushes

Chewy, chewy

Most dogs have a natural urge to chew and we can use this to our advantage…

These rice bones are made from potato starch and rice. The bones are hard and crunchy and contain rice grains for that added roughness to keep your dog’s teeth clean. Vegetable-based chews are another great natural method of keeping teeth clean.

Vegetable star sticks, hedgehogs, crocodiles and chew brushes are a nice variety of chewy objects to keep your dog entertained and clean teeth with all those interesting lumps and bumps. These are suitable for puppies and a great way to start their dental health care routine!

Fish4Dogs treats are crunchy cubes and strips of dried fish skin – nothing else and nothing added. Simple! They work in the same way as the rice bones, wearing the plaque from teeth while keeping the hound amused.

Sprinkle, sprinkle

We can also be a bit crafty by cleaning their teeth without them even knowing. Plaque Off is dried powdered seaweed that is abrasive on the teeth as your dog chews, and the best bit is we just have to sprinkle it on their meals.