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One of our most popular brands, MORE, has been re-released with an improved recipe, making this another great step forward in pet food evolution.

MORE is now tastier than ever with an increased meat content using only 100% natural human-grade ingredients, and is designed to keep even the most sensitive of pets healthy with a highly digestible composition of lean meats and natural botanicals.

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100% Natural

MORE uses suppliers that do not add anything artificial to the raw ingredients before they arrive for manufacture. Nothing artificial is added at manufacture, so MORE is an honest and genuinely natural food.

The food is naturally preserved with rosemary extract and vitamin E. MORE is also human-grade, which means the ingredients are suitable for human consumption. As MORE is 100% natural it’s very gentle on puppies, kittens and sensitive tummies.

More Adult Dog Food

More Meat

Take More Adult Chicken for dogs as an example; it contains chicken meal (24%) and fresh chicken (23%). 

Chicken meal is an excellent protein source deriving from the carcass. Muscle and bone is ground up into fine calcium rich flour which provides protein, phosphorous and calcium and is a source of joint care. No feathers or internal organs are used in More’s chicken meat meal.

The total protein content is 29% in the new recipe of More Adult Chicken for dogs and it contains 47% proper chicken meat and meal.

More Joint Care

The new recipe MORE contains five times more joint care than before. Glucosamine repairs cartilage, chondroitin absorbs shock to the joints, and MSM is a gentle anti inflammatory. Fantastic for dogs and cats with joint troubles and the senior generation! 

More Palatable

More meat means more flavour. Cats and dogs enjoy a high meat content (especially carnivorous cats) and a good meaty food is a taste sensation. Choosy pets might find MORE more appealing than other brands containing less meat.

Slower Releasing Energy

For slower releasing energy barley has been replaced with oats to keep your pet going throughout the day.

The amino acid L-carnitine is now added to help the body burn fat into energy, and to help to maintain a healthy weight and lean body mass.