Memory Foam for Dogs!

As the proud owner of a wobbly dog with creaky hips and bad knees, I’m always on the lookout for new orthopaedic products that might make his life a bit more comfortable.

I was suddenly very interested when I went into work the other morning to find we’d had delivered some new memory foam products by Buddy&Friends, including some posh looking Loungers, Mats and Crate Liners. Finding memory foam beds big enough for my Shetland Labrador Pony quite tricky, I was also delighted to discover the Memory Foam Lounger is actually big enough for him!

As a user of a memory foam mattress myself, I can say I personally love memory foam and it’s one of my favourite things in the whole world. If it wasn’t for my memory foam mattress, my hips would be on fire every morning – and because it does well for me, I want the same for my dodgy dog and his dodgy joints.

How does memory foam work?

Memory foam responds to body temperature, becoming softer as it becomes warmer and changing shape around the body. As it moulds to the body, it provides support to pressure points that may otherwise become sore when weight is applied for a prolonged period of time, such as nap time. An added benefit to memory foam beds, both in humans and dogs, is a more restful night’s sleep because the memory foam changes shape when we move and roll over. So, in theory, your dog will be one happy hound come the morning!

The Buddy&Friends range includes a memory foam Crate Liner for those doggies who enjoy sleeping in their own crate, a memory foam Mat for that not-quite-a-bed-but-still-terribly-comfy feeling, and the memory foam Lounger for those of us with dogs with serious joint problems and want to go the whole hog and buy a proper orthopedic bed.

Of course, your dog doesn’t need to have dodgy joints to use these products… they’re still very comfy for everyone!