McAdams Dog Food – A World First

Here at Pets Corner we support innovative pet products from pet specialists who have animal welfare and health at heart. And we are very excited to now be proud stockists of McAdams Pet Foods, a small batch pet food company taking modern pet foods to the next level.

McAdams have launched the UK’s first ever cruelty free, whole free range chicken dog food. It’s a dry complete food but rather than being made with carcass and meat meal, it is baked (not extruded) using whole ingredients.

Suitable for all lifestages, McAdams Chicken dog food has been specially formulated to provide your dog with a high quality, complete and balanced diet. The range is suitable for puppies and adults alike, is a totally unique offering for pet owners.

We recommend: McAdams Dog Foods.

Amazing Ingredients

They use whole chicken (just as you would for your Sunday roast – minus the feet, head and innards). In fact, as far as we are concerned McAdams is the first dry dog food in the world to be made from WHOLE chicken – British FREE RANGE chicken too! Most other pet foods are made with either free run or battery chicken.  

As you would expect from an ultra-premium pet food, McAdams is grain free. It is meat meal free too which offers our customers a choice against other foods that are all made either exclusively or in part with meat meal. Meat meal is processed meat carcass and whist it is a great source of single protein and highly digestible, but its wonderful to have another food on offer that can give even better nutrition for our pets.

But its no just the meaty bits we love so much, its all of the ingredients lovingly selected by McAdams that makes this food special. They use sweet potato which provides slow releasing carbohydrates to help pets feel fuller for longer. And Fruits and vegetables are included alongside herbs and prebiotics known for their nutritional benefits whilst cranberry assists the urinary tract.

Joint Care in every Box

McAdams Dog Food has joint care in each of its range. It doesn’t come from added artificial ingredients but from the naturally found levels of chondroitin and glucosamine found in the natural ingredients used. In particular increased quantities of Green Lipped Mussel are added which, although expensive, is a wonderful ingredient for helping joint issues in pets giving them the building blocks their body needs to help with repair and care of their joints.

Baked to Perfection

McAdams is different to many other pet foods in other ways too.

It is baked then air dried. Rather than being extruded using steam, it is slow roasted and then dried in warm air ovens. This method of baking means that they moisture content is slowly reduced retaining as much nutrients as possible and keeping the strong meaty taste. The result is truly unique tasting kibble with a roasted chicken aroma that dogs adore with great palatability.

Want to know more about McAdams? Why not pop into your local Pets Corner and ask a member of our team.