Keeping Small Animals Warm in Winter

With winter around the corner, the small furry owners among us are starting to worry about keeping our outdoor pets warm while we’re tucked up nice and warm indoors.

We have lots of tips for keeping small fluffies warm and toasty in the winter months.

Hints and Tips

1) Place your hutch against the wall of your house for protection from the wind and rain. You can attach some bubble wrap to the underside of your hutch to insulate it from underneath.

2) Use some Vetbed inside the hutch for a nice cosy carpet (don’t forget to put newspaper under the Vetbed to soak up calls of nature and puddles from messy water bottle drinkers).

3) On top of the Vetbed use lots of straw for sleeping and burrowing into (for guinea pigs you can use hay if you prefer, as being low-slung creatures they can sometimes poke their eyes on straw), especially in the enclosed end of the hutch where our furry friends tend to catch forty winks.

4) A good night time addition is a Great&Small Micro Cosy placed in the sleeping area for some added warmth when the weather gets really bitter and cold.

5) When the frost and snow sets in your water bottles may become a little bit frosty, so cover them with a purpose made water bottle cover.

6) Once you’re done, cover the whole hutch, leaving a space for air and light (your pets still need to see out!), with a purpose made hutch cover or some plastic sheeting.

7) Last but not least, put your feet up with a warm pair of socks and a nice cup of tea. Job done!