Keep Off

Most garden owners will nod sagely and agree when I say there’s nothing more infuriating than seeing your lawn/patio/flower beds peppered with offerings from next door’s cat or your own dog.

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What does it do?

Canac Keep Off is a blue gel that is designed to stop cats and dogs from venturing onto or leaving unwanted “presents” on your lawn, patio, flower beds or any other outdoor area you want to keep clean.

Cats and dogs have very sensitive noses, and the smell of citrus to them is like wafting an onion in our faces. It’s strong, pungeant and it makes their noses sting. And that is how Canac Keep Off keeps them off the lawn.

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Does it do the job?

It did take a while for my Labrador to investigate the patch of the grass that I applied the product to, as he was far more interested in other things, but when he eventually wandered in that direction and put his nose to the ground, there was some snorting and blowing, and then he wandered off again.

I can only assume that as the amount of snorting and blowing was more than usual, that the smell was quite offensive to him. He also didn’t return to that particular patch of grass for some time. On applying it in a circle around the area of the patio where next door’s cats hang out, there wasn’t a single unwanted “present” for two days (and then it rained).

The only problem with this product is that after it rained, I had to reapply the gel to the lawn and patio as, on inspection, it had washed away and the dog was only too happy to inspect it with me. However, as a deterrent I found it to be effective and as long as it doesn’t rain heavily, it does what it says on the bottle.