How To Stop My Dog’s Itchy Skin?

It’s a cacophony of sounds you hear several times a day. The unmistakable chink of the metal tag, the sound like someone dragging their fingers through the carpet, and the grunts of effort from the dog. Yep, the dog is scratching again. You can’t put your finger on it and it’s clearly driving the dog (and everyone else in the house) up the wall. Why is the dog scratching so much? How can you stop your dog from scratching himself silly? There are several factors that can cause itchy skin and skin irritations in dogs, including fleas, a lack of zinc, an allergy causing ingredient in dog food, and a PH imbalance of the skin.

How to Get Rid of Fleas?

A natural flea repellent is tea tree, and for some reason they really can’t stand it. While it doesn’t actually kill fleas, shampoos such as I Love Pet head Life’s An Itch Shampoo and John Paul Pet Tea Tree Treatment Shampoo can help to keep them away from your best pal. If you’re looking for something to knock the fleas on the head completely,Bob Martin Spot-On or Johnson’s 4Fleas or will do the job. Our trained staff are always available to give advice on flea treatments.

How important is Zinc?

Zinc is used to speed up the healing process of the skin, which makes it really great for doggies with skin irritations. Some brands include lamb in their feeds, and lamb is a very good source of zinc. MORE Adult Lamb and Rice, Symply Small Breed Adult Lamb and Rice, and Symply Adult Lamb and Rice contain a lot of great quality lamb.


A major cause of skin problems is allergies to particular ingredients, such as soy, pork, beef, dairy, wheat and wheat gluten. If your dog is scratching like there’s no tomorrow, great hypo-allergenic brands MORE, Symply and Canagan are free from all of these ingredients and are some great options to try. If your dog has an allergy to beef or Chicken, it might be worthwhile looking into alternative protein sources, like insect protein. Insect protein is as nutritious as traditional meat sources but as a novel protein is very unlikely to cause any issues. Yora Pet Foods use exclusively insect protein and other hypoallergenic ingredients; a great alternative for sensitive dogs. 

Restoring Balance

A PH imbalance encourages fungal and bacterial infections in the skin. Shampoos that contain oatmeal, such as John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo, help to restore this balance. Oatmeal shampoo also moisturises the skin and is very useful to owners with dogs that suffer from dandruff and sensitive skin.