Introducing GreenAcres

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced dog food that doesn’t compromise on good quality healthy ingredients, GreenAcres could be the one for you. Manufactured in the UK, GreenAcres uses only natural ingredients that are free from preservatives and packed full of nutrition.

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Contains no artificial ingredients

Many foods claim to contain “no added preservatives”, however some ingredients can contain preservatives because they have been added before they reach the manufacturer.

GreenAcres is a food first because it uses only ingredients that have no preservatives added – and nothing is added during manufacture. This means GreenAcres uses truly natural and honestly listed ingredients for a healthy hound.

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  • GreenAcres is formulated using only natural and honestly listed ingredients. They don’t use wheat which is known to be a common food allergen.
  • Lamb and turkey are the single meat proteins used in the range of diets, which are blended with linseed, a rich source of fatty acids which are essential for a glossy, healthy coat.
  • Alfalfa and seaweed are added to provide vitamins and antioxidants to help keep digestive systems healthy.
  • Extracts of yucca and chicory help to reduce stool odour and encourage beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Similar food comparisons

When comparing GreenAcres with similar brands, it contains impressive 11.5% less rice and only 1% less meat than the closest similar brand, making it great value for money and making your food go further. A balanced meat to rice content means your dog’s appetite for a meaty diet is satiated while being kind to your pocket.

Product Meat Content Rice Content Price per KG
GreenAcres Adult Turkey 29% Meat (26% Turkey Meal, 3% Turkey Gravy) 26.5% Rice £3.33
James Wellbeloved Adult Turkey – NEW recipe 23.5% Meat (Turkey Meal)
5.5% less meat than GreenAcres
39.7% Rice (20% Brown Rice, 19.7% White Rice)
13.2% more rice than GreenAcres
Burns Adult Chicken 20% Chicken
9% less meat than GreenAcres
67% Rice
40.5% more rice than GreenAcres


  • Greenacres is hypoallergenic
  • Only ingredients free from preservatives are used
  • There are no cheap “fillers”, such as wheat
  • GreenAcres comes with a pocket-friendly price tag