Indoor Cat Care

Indoor Cat Survival Kit!

Indoor cats are generally less active than their outdoor counterparts and benefit from a low calorie diet to ward off that spare tyre. Additionally, being in the house all day, the call of nature is answered via a litter tray, and nobody wants that to smell bad! More Indoor Cat feed solves both problems in one by offering a low calorie meal that includes yucca extract to reduce the instance of stinky presents. While we’re on the subject of More, it also has a low cereal content to help to reduce instances of moulting…

Speaking of moulting, indoor cats shed their fur like any other cats, and of course if they live indoors, this has nowhere to go but in the carpet, your soft furnishings and your clothes. A fantastic invention to limit the hairy-house problem is the Furminator, a simple but very effective gadget that, when used regularly, removes the loose hair and dead undercoat to promote a nice shiny coat on top.

Being indoors all the time and when he or she isn’t being fed and groomed, your cat may decide that there’s much fun to be had by adding holes to your sofa or swinging from the curtains. However, you can reduce this urge to shred your fabrics by providing a good cat scratcher. Cats have a very natural urge to scratch something, whether they live indoors or outdoors, and this needs to be catered for.

Your house can still be a home with an indoor cat – and you might even enjoy the experience!