Hamster Assault Course – Yeah!

As a dedicated lover of everything small and furry, I was really excited when I discovered some new toys for hamsters… and we’re not just talking the usual run-of-the-mill toys here either – oh no, these toys are very different indeed!

When I was a child I had three Golden Hamsters, one after the other, named Harvey, Henry Bear, and Harriett respectively. All three of them loved to climb anything they could lay their tiny paws on. As soon as I clapped eyes on these amazing hamster activity toys from Rosewood I knew my beloved past hamsters would have gone crazy for them.

I really love miniature things (don’t you?) and to my complete glee, there are five toys to choose from – the Activity Bridge, the Activity Tower, the Assault Course (my favourite!), the Activity Suspension Bridge, and the utterly adorable Forest Cabin.

Made From Pet Safe Wood

Each toy is made from pet safe wood (no nasty chemicals) so they can be safely chewed, and each one is so intricately made. There are lots of interesting ways for hamsters to use them, especially as they’re mad climbers! I also think the Forest Cabin would make a lovely nesting area to fill with hamster bedding too.

I love this range, and as soon as I have the space and time for my next hamster, I’ll be coming back to buy something from it. A big thumbs up from me!