How To Stop My Dog From Moulting?

It’s a problem every dog owner can relate to. It sticks to our clothes, it gets stuck in the carpet. Yes my friends, I’m talking about dog hair.

Shedding is triggered by seasonal differences in temperature, day length and natural light. At certain times of the year, our pals respond to these changes by growing a thick winter coat when the temperature drops and the days become shorter, or shedding it during the spring when it becomes warmer and the days longer. Many modern family dogs spend a lot of time indoors, which messes up this natural routine and causes random bouts of year round shedding.

How Can You Help Reduce Moulting?

We can stop the hair from taking over the house by doing some very simple things.

A change in diet can be very beneficial to reducing the shedding problem; the skin needs oils to keep the hair follicles healthy, otherwise the hair will become brittle and fall out. Feeds that are free of wheat, gluten, beef and dairy products are preferable because these ingredients are known to contribute to excessive shedding caused by allergies. We recommend More, Symply and Canagan because they contain none of those pesky ingredients, but do include a high meat content and good quality animal fats (or sunflower oil, in the case of Symply) for the much needed fatty acids and Omegas 3 and 6 to keep those hair follicles and coat nice and healthy.

Good quality grooming tools also make a world of difference. I absolutely swear by my Furminator. It’s an amazing piece of equipment and with very little effort (you only have to lightly brush the coat). These other grooming products help to keep the coat soft as well as de-fuzzed.

Regular treatment for fleas might not be the most obvious thought when reducing the shedding problem, but dogs that scratch will send loose hair flying around all over the place. Keeping on top of your flea routine with Frontline or Bob Martin spot-on will help to stop unwanted scratching!

Is Grooming Important?

As well as helping to keep your pet looking beautiful, regular grooming allows you to spend quality bonding time with your pet, and gives the opportunity to check their body condition and spot any unusual signs of health problems, such as lumps or bumps.

Regular grooming can help to improve muscle tone and skin condition. By stimulating blood circulation and improving the skin natural oil abilities.

Grooming is also important for the reduction of the buildup of hairballs in rabbits and cats. Being self-groomers, they like to keep themselves spotlessly clean and smart. But during this process loose and shed hair is often ingested, which puts them at risk of hairball formation. By grooming them regularly with a grooming tool like the Furfixer you can help reduce not only shedding but also the risk of hairballs.