Gravel Cleaning Made Easy-Peasy

I have a confession to make. Dexter isn’t my only pet. I actually have three guinea pigs and a goldfish, the latter being the subject of today’s blog.

My goldfish is called Fosh and, believe it or not, he’s at the ripe old age of twenty-one years old. I came home with him one day when I was ten, and all these years later he’s still swimming (slowly) around his tank under the stairs at my parents’ house. Okay, so he’s looking rather tatty and until recently we thought he was a she (my store manager put me right on that one!), but Fosh still swims (slowly) up and down the tank for his dinner every night and (slowly) picks bits off his plants like a trooper.

I was recently introduced (by my store manager) to a really interesting gadget called the Interpet Prime Gravel Cleaner, and having bought one and used it, I can honestly say it’s got to be my favourite gadget of the year.

This is how it works…

You put the end of the plastic tube into a bucket, jiggle the cleaner bit around in the tank to get it going, and it sucks up the dirt from the gravel without actually sucking the gravel up with it, while draining the dirty water at the same time. I drained half the tank water and removed more dirt than I thought was even in the tank in the first place, and once the water had been replaced and everything settled down again, the gravel was cleaner than I’d seen it in years and Fosh looked much happier swimming (slowly) around his tank.

The most important thing about my new toy however, is that I don’t need to take Fosh out of his tank to clean the gravel, which means less work for me and much less stress for him.

Now, if only someone would invent something to suck up dirty washing with….

Since writing this blog, Fosh very sadly passed away at home in his tank with his family around him. This blog is dedicated to the memory of my oldest pet.