GPS Tracker Collar for Dogs

The Dog Tracker Plus Collar with mobile phone app

Every step you take...

I’ll be watching you!

For owners with dogs that prefer to go for walkies by themselves, this gadget could be the answer to that dreaded question – “where’s the dog?!”.

With a special collar on the dog and a simple application for your smart phone you can track your dog anywhere, wherever they are. This is one very useful tool for owners of escape artists, masters of disappearance, and long distance runners. 

Even if your dog prefers to stay within eyeballing distance, the Dog Tracker Plus can be used for keeping tabs on your dog’s fitness routine.

How does it work?

The collar uses GPS to “talk” to your smart phone through a handy app. With the collar and smart phone app you can:

– Track your dog by satellite, real time camera mode, by direction using a compass, or by the walking route your dog has taken.

– Set geofences to send you alerts when your dog goes beyond a virtual boundary set by you.

– Hold down a button to send an alert to up to three phone numbers programmed into the collar during an emergency.

– Share the location of your mutt with friends and family.

– Keep a record of your dog’s exercise and fitness levels.

Who benefits from this?

For the pet owner, the Dog Tracker Plus is probably most valuable to owners who have wayward dogs. As an example I know a couple who bring their two dogs to my store, and very recently they spent a good twenty minutes hunting for one of them in the woods after she went bounding after a bunny and then decided to follow another dog walker.

Obviously, this was a very worrying moment for them and consequently they’re going to sign up for a subscription to Dog Tracker Plus to make sure they can keep an eye on both dogs when enjoying the great outdoors.

And the verdict is...?

What I like rather a lot is the flexible payment terms for collar rental; short term daily payments, a monthly long term payment plan, or the purchase of the collar outright. There’s something for everyone to suit a variety of needs, but all with the same end goal – to help you to keep an eye on your dog.

I almost forgot to mention, the app is free to download from the PlayStore for Android or the Apple Store for iPhone.

Personally, I think this is a very exciting and enjoyable gadget (apart from the fact the inventor comes from my home town, which is a great source of pride for me). It’s intuitive, unbelievably easy to use, and I can see it being a brilliant tool to take the stress out of outdoor adventures.

Visit the Dog Tracker Plus website to learn more, or visit your local Pets Corner.