Funky Flexi Leads

When buying a lead for your dog, one of the biggest decisions is – should you buy a flexi lead instead of a normal lead, or should you buy both? Flexi leads can be really useful when walking your dog and you want them to have some freedom but you don’t trust them enough to have complete freedom, or the places you walk are open but not secured around the outside (an escapologist’s dream). However, if your recall isn’t amazing you might be treated to some sharp tugs on the lead when your dog reaches the end of the line. If this is the case, speak to your trainer and ask about improving your recall with a view to trying a flexi lead.

Correct Weight Rates

If you want to buy a flexi lead, make sure you buy one that is correctly rated for your dog’s weight. If you’re not sure how much your dog weighs, we have scales in all of our stores and we can help you to weigh your mutt. A flexi lead that is rated for a weight far beneath that of the actual dog can break if your dog zooms to the end of the lead like a great hairy torpedo. Correct weight ratings are very important!

Safety First

Flexi leads are best used in wide open spaces, such as the park or a favourite field, because if you drop it there’s no road to worry about. If you want to go for road walkies, use a normal lead for extra safety, and take your flexi lead with you so you can swap it over when you hit the park. Flexi leads do have that funky button to lock the lead at a specific length, but if your luck is anything like mine, the day you’re being walked up a busy road by your dog will be the day your button decides not to work. Check your flexi lead regularly for breaks to the handset or frayed tape.