Fish Disease & Treatments

White Spot

Varying sized white spots appear on the body, scales, and fins. It is caused by micro biotic parasitic organisms called protozoa’s that colonise the fish. It can be treated with specific chemicals or a salt bath. Special treatments are sold in store.

Fin Rot

This is a bacterial infection. It is most often seen on fish that are either already stressed or in tanks that are not properly maintained and cleaned. Tissue on the fins of the fish is eaten and begins to look frayed and eventually disappears. Antibiotics sold in store will kill the bacteria and allow the fish to recover. To avoid a relapse the tank should be cleaned more regularly.


This is a fungal infection. It does not occur on strong healthy fish and is actually a side product of poor tank maintenance or another disease the fish has. It causes small greyish white spots that grow in size and form a cotton wool like appearance.. This can be treated with antifungal solutions found in store.

Mouth Fungus

This is actually a bacterial infection. It looks similar to the beginning symptoms of white spot but occurs on the head, gills and mouth of the fish. It can be treated with antibacterial solutions found in store.


This causes a bloating in the fish normally seen in the abdomen. It causes the scales to stand out. It happens when the fish cannot control fluid movement with the body and surrounding water and unfortunately there is no known cure. Fish exhibiting severe symptoms should be put down.