Firework Season Advice for Pet Owners

Keep your pets safe this Firework Season

Remember, Remember the 5th of November. The gunpowder, treason and plot…….

Fireworks are enjoyed year-round by people but can be a source of fear for many animals. It is important that as pet owners, we think ahead and prepare for Fireworks season.

Approximately 80% of pets suffer from fear due to fireworks, becoming stressed or anxious. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are number of ways we can prepare for the scary times ahead to make it a much less stressful time for our beloved pets.

Keep them in, Keep them Safe

It is important to make your pets feel safe in their own homes. While we “oooooh” and “aaaahhhhh” at the pretty lights and displays, our pets simply don’t understand, so there a few things you can do to keep them safe and secure…

  • Make sure your dog or cat always has somewhere to hide if he or she wants to and has access to this place at all times. For example – Create a den; a covered and snuggly spot for your pets to hide in when things get scary. Just by having somewhere to hide, away from doors and windows and in the same room as the family can make the world of difference. (Dogs prefer low places – Under beds; cats prefer high places – top of wardrobes etc)
  • During firework season, walk dogs during daylight hours. Take them before it gets dark to reduce the risk of being caught out and about if early fireworks go off.
  • Keep cats and dogs indoors when fireworks are likely to be set off. Make sure you lock the cat flap and have a litter tray on offer for your felines, this will stop them being caught outside when the pops and bangs start.
  • At nightfall close windows and curtains and put on music or the television to mask and muffle the sound of fireworks.
  • If your pet shows any signs of fear try to ignore their behaviour. Often fussing over them can make their behaviour escalate and cause further distress. Never punish or fuss over your pet when it’s scared as this will only make things worse in the long run. Stay calm and show your pet there’s nothing to worry about by ignoring them and behaving normally. Most cats like to be left alone to cope when distressed, leave them in their hidey holes.
  • Make sure your cat or dog is always kept in a safe and secure environment and can’t escape if there’s a sudden noise. Keep those doors, windows and pet doors locked!
  • Have your pet micro chipped in case they do escape. This will to reunite you with your pets should they bolt out of fear.

Plan ahead with Pheromones


Adaptil and Feliway are both scientifically proven to reduce or prevent stress related behaviour in your cats and dogs in many different circumstances including the events on Bonfire Night. They are widely trusted and have been used by behavourists, veterinary experts and charities for over 10 years. To help your pet through the stressful period that is firework season, investing in pheromones as part of your preparation will help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Adaptil for Dogs

Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the natural appeasing pheromone the mother dog produces to comfort and reassure her puppies which has a positive, relaxing and comforting influence on puppies and adult dogs. By plugging in a diffuser near to your pooches den 2 weeks leading up to firework season and during, it can help to hugely reduce the build up of anxiety due to firework fears.

Adaptil comes in three different forms:

Adaptil Diffuser – Plug the diffuser into the room where your dog spends most of its time. Lasts up to 4 weeks.

Adaptil Spray – Spray onto your dog’s bedding, in its crate or the car. Convenient formulation for intermittent use.

Adaptil Collar – Available in 2 sizes: small and large. Fitted snugly around your dog’s neck, this collar will ensure the appeasing pheromone is with your dog wherever he goes. Lasts for 4 weeks.

Feliway for Cats

When a cat feels safe, it rubs its head against prominent objects, leaving behind facial pheromones. These facial pheromones convey a message of security and reassurance. Feliway is a synthetic copy of these pheromones. By plugging in a Feliway diffuser near to your cats preferred hiding spot over firework season, you can make life a little easier for them, making them feel much safer.

Feliway comes in two different forms:

Feliway Diffuser – Plug the diffuser into the room where your cat spends most of its time. Lasts up to 4 weeks.

Feliway Spray – Apply daily to areas that your cat scratches or sprays, or to new items of furniture in your house. Or to cages that are used for travelling.

Other Great Calming Products for your Pets

We at Pets Corner stock a wide variety of calming products to help reduce anxiety for your pet during the firework season. The important thing to remember with the products available is that every pet is different, so its impotant to find the right one for your individual pet.

Beaphar Calming Spot On

Beaphar Calming Spot On for cats or for dogs naturally and effectively calms and reduces problem behaviour in pets of all breeds and ages.

The spot on contains Valerian extract, a herbal supplement noted for its calming properties. The valerian ingredient will help to take the edge off for your pet, allowing him or her to focus on their surroundings reducing the panicked sensation they can suffer without being a sedative.  

Due to its micro-encapsulated formulation, a single application will calm your cat for up to one week. Can help alleviate problems such as vertical scratching on furniture in cats, urine/scent marking in the home, excessive meowing/barking and boisterous behaviour. It will also help your pet feel less apprehensive during difficult times such as visits to the vet, during fireworks, thunderstorms, travelling in the car, or moving house.

This is a great natural product that can make firework season a little less worrisome. Working almost immediately, these spot on’s give an instant aromatherapy affect while the powerful ingredients then work their way into your pet body calming them from the inside out.


VetIQ Serene-UM Calming Tablets for Cats and Dogs are a natural food supplements to induce calmness and to soothe hyperactive and/or nervous cats and dogs.

Formulated with natural ingredients, Serene-UM helps your pet to remain calm during periods of stress and anxiety, without having a sedative effect.

VetIQ Serene-UM is a tasty highly digestible tablet, which can be given whole or crushed over food. The tablets start working 6-8 hours but for maximum effect allow 24-36 hours before the stressful event.

Serene-UM comes in both tablet and syrup/drop form and is available for dogs, cat and rabbits.

Herbal and Health Rapid Calm

Rapid Calm helps cats and dogs with particularly stressful events by increasing their concentration, calmness and relaxed state within 30 minutes of application.

It works by assisting the oxygen levels in the blood stream during for example; a car journey or firework display.

Rapid Calm uses natural ingredients:

  • Deionised water
  • Bio-available oxygen (charge stabilised oxygen CSO2)
  • Atlantic sea salt

Each syringe contains 15cc which gives you several treatments depending on your pets weight. This mens that you can use rapid calm several times over the firework season to better help your pet to cope.