Donating to Charity

At Pets Corner we really don’t believe in throwing away good food and we really don’t like waste. We also believe in doing our bit for charity and helping others, and if we can turn our waste into something useful it makes us very happy indeed.

Our motto

We try not to be wasteful as a business in many ways, because we prefer not to leave a great galumphing big size 10 carbon footprint on the planet and we prefer our extra bags of food to go to good use.

Our motto is this: why throw it away, when you can give it away? What’s the point in throwing out food that’s only just reached it’s “best before” date when it could quite happily go to charity for hungry tummies?

Damaged? Unwanted? It still tastes good!

We love to donate bags of dry kibble and biscuit treats. Let’s face it, most of us will pick up a bag that looks shiny and new and leave the one that has a wrinkle or small hole. We do our best to repair any small holes in bags with the help of sellotape and the skillful hands of our staff, but sometimes a bag just keeps getting passed up. In most cases these bags are perfectly good and the contents is just as edible, so we donate them to charity! We also give away bags that have come back to the store on our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; is Rover turning his nose up at his new kibble? Bring the bag back (with your receipt!) and we’ll donate what’s left to a good cause.

At Pets Corner we’re on a mission to help our customers to find the best feeds for their pets, and we’re doing our best to help good causes on the way.

If you know of any charities that could benefit from this sort of gift please let us know.