Visiting the Vets

Besides their owner, a good veterinarian is the most important human in a dog or cat’s life. It truly pays to take the time to find a qualified, friendly vet who is the perfect match for you and your furry friend. After all, this is a relationship that will last a lifetime! Your dog or […]


Travel Sickness in Pets

Taking our pets out and about is one of the best things about doggy ownership. Taking your furry friend to the beach, out to the park, or even the groomers – our dogs are travelling more and more these days. But did you know they can struggle with motion sickness just like we can?


Dog Poo & YOU

If you own a dog, there are no way around it, you will have to deal with dog poo. But amazingly 40% of dog owners still aren’t taking responsibility for their pooch and cleaning up their poop. There are an estimated 9 million dogs kept as pets in the UK who produce 1000 tonnes of […]