Teething Puppies and Chewing Dogs


Chewing is a natural behaviour all dogs need to express. They are designed to gnaw and chew only for dental health reasons but also for psychological needs. Chewing and gnawing is a natural de-stressor for dogs and for this reason should be encouraged. BUT they should be encouraged to chew dog safe products.

Every dog is different and a treat or toy that’s good for one dog to chew may not be suitable for another. This is because every dog chews differently. Some will bear down on the chew, trying to break off chunks, others will work away gently mouthing the toy or treat. It is important to choose the most appropriate chew for your individual dog.

Chewing Hints and Tips

  • Learn how your dog chews. Everydog is different and what is suitable for one may not be for another. Some dogs are known strong chewers, this is when they bear down and tear at the chew with strong jaws. If this sounds like your pet, look for chews meant to be easily digested, or for hard chews that won’t splinter, fracture or tear to encourage proper gnawing behaviours.
  • Watch your dog or puppy the first time they get anything new to chew. Eating a chew all in one go and in record time can give them an upset tummy, so it’s best to observe and supervise them carefully.   
  • They should – gnaw at the ends of the chew, gradually wearing it down.  
  • Match the size of the treat to the size of the dog. A dog needs to be able to pick up the chew, get their jaw around it and hold it between their paws. All dogs need chews that are big enough for them to enjoy and gnaw on without the risk of swallowing them whole. Never give a dog something they can fully fit whole in their mouth.
  • Watch your pet carefully, no matter how they prefer to chew their toys or chews, it’s important that it is taken away when it becomes too small. Good chews are designed to worn down over time through gnawing, but they will still wear away. When they get to size that the dog can fit the whole thing in their mouth it is best to take it away to reduce the risk of them swallowing it whole.

Types of Chews

There are loads of chews available in our stores, here we’ve got some of our favourites to give you some ideas, but pop in to your local store to see our full range of gnawing goodness.

Orijen Root Chews

The origin root chew from Antos is a super long lasting natural dog chew and is  the tuber root of a Mediterranean Heath. The root chews are full of nutrients and come from a sustainable source, making them eco-friendly. They are gently harvested, then air dried for several months before being cleaned and cut to size.

Long lasting Non-splintering 100% Natural Suitable for all dogs including puppies (some small furries may even enjoy a gnaw) Satisfy the natural urge to chew Low fat and do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. The origin chews are all interestingly different because they are naturally grown they come in various knobbly shapes, making each one unique for your pet to enjoy.

We recommend: Antos Origin 100% Natural Root Chew.

Great & Small Hide Chews

Great&Small’s chews are 100% pure buffalo hide and are thicker, stronger and tougher than the rest. In fact they are up to 45% heavier than competitor’s products, which means that they last much longer and are better value for money. They are firmly pressed which means all you get in hide, no air space within the gnaw so again they are long lasting due to being made with nothing but pure hide. They are also all salmonella treated, so no nasties to worry about.

The chews come in a range of shapes and sizes catering to all dogs. And will break down and wear down gradually giving your dog complete chewing satisfaction.

Please Note – Hide chews are not suitable for puppies under 6 months as they are still learning to gnaw and may bite of larger chunks than they are able to manage.

We recommend: Great&Small Beef Knot.


Antlers are long lasting chews. They wear away when chewed and antlers don’t splinter (as readily as bones), which makes them a much safer option. Antlers are available in five sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large and… jumbo!) also are also available in “Lazy Dog” style; cut in half long-ways for the more laid back dog to get at the bit in the middle, these “lazy” ones are also fab for puppies who are teething as they are much softer. For an added bonus, you could try storing your antlers in your dog’s dry feed bin to make it taste and smell amazing.

Please note: Caution should be taken with Antlers as they are not suitable for powerful chewers or those with dental issues.

We recommend: Antos Antlers.


Nylabone chew and toys are amoung our favourite for letting dogs get the most from their chews. Nylabone’s are made from inert soft thermoplastic polymer or nylon, designed to satisfy the chewing instinct of chewers. They have a full range from puppy right through to powerful chewers, so there is something for everyone. Each range has multiple textures for increased chewing appeal and ridge and nub designs to provide dental stimulation and chewing satisfaction.

Please note – Nylabone ranges are designed to wear down with frequent gnawing. Once they become smaller and there is a risk of the dog fitting it entirely in their mouth they should be taken away from the pet.

We recommend: Nylabone Dog Chew Toys.

Great & Small Buffalo Horns

The Great&Small Buffalo Horn is a 100% natural horn dog chew. Buffalo Horns last a long time. They wear down slowly with the grinding action on the dog’s teeth and saliva into tasty morsels. Dogs who are losing weight can enjoy Buffalo Horns because they are low in fat and high in protein. Effectively they are ‘raw’, thus retaining all their goodness and contain no additives or preservatives.

Buffalo Horns are incredibly long-lasting so you may find that your dog leaves the chew and goes back to it many times before it’s finished.

Please Note – Dogs must always be supervised when chewing the Buffalo Horn as they should gnaw at it, not bear down. Bearing down can result in the chew splitting or breaking. These chews are not suitable for puppies, dogs with existing dental issues or elderly dogs.

Our staff at Pets Corner are trained to give you the best advice when choosing the right chew for your pet. Pop in to your local store and ask one of our advisors for futher chewing advice for your pet.