Cosy Heat Beds

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Baby, it’s cold outside. 

Which means we’re putting the kettle on, adding the layers, switching on the heating, and lighting the fire. Why not go one step further and pick up a cheeky heated Cosy Bed for the cat or the dog too!

The ultimate in winter luxury, these beds are thoroughly decadent, over-the-top and just plain “must have” for our pets this season.

Buy a Great&Small Cosy Bed

Crazy Comfy Beds

For pets with aching bones and creaky joints, the Cosy Beds are ideal as they contain super-soft orthopaedic foam. Anyone with a memory foam mattress knows how amazingly comfy this feels! 

In addition, the ability to heat the bed gives extra comfort for those joints and helps pets to drift off to sleep. We enjoy a thoroughly luxurious bed to sleep in, so why shouldn’t they have one too?

Power to Our Pets!

The heated pad runs on a low voltage (24v/50watts), and so is very cheap to run and can be left on for long periods of supervised time.

The power pack helpfully has a chew-resistant cable. While we don’t recommend your pet is left alone with the bed plugged in, the cable has a tough cover to protect it from curious nibbles while under supervision.