Caring for the Older Cat

Cats are active playful and intelligent creatures. Due to our love and care they are now living even longer and happier lives.  However much like us when they reach a certain age they may start to…

July 18th, 2017

No More Smelly Cat Litter!

Cats are fascinating creatures and make wonderful companions for us ever doting owners. However, there is one area of cat care that none of us look forward to… changing the litter tray. Smelly dirty…

July 18th, 2017

Keep Off

Canac Keep Off is a blue gel that is designed to stop cats and dogs from venturing onto or leaving unwanted “presents” on your lawn, patio, flower beds or any other outdoor area you want…

August 5th, 2013


It allows you to bond with your pet. Regular grooming allows you to perform health checks Removing loose and excess fur helps prevent hairballs in cats and rabbits It improves circulation and improves…

February 20th, 2013

The Cat Litter Conundrum

Ah, cat litter. If you’ve got a cat, you’ll probably need it. Cats, being the demanding creatures they are, like to have somewhere acceptable to them to answer the calls of nature, and a…

February 11th, 2013
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