Caring for Our Pets Parents

We really care about the pets that we sell – and we also care about the parents of our pets, and that our ethical breeders can afford to keep them happy and healthy.

We make no profit from the rabbits and guinea pigs we sell because we pay our ethical breeders to raise them right. We don’t think it’s possible for breeders to give their animals the necessary space, food, medical care, exercise, attention and love that they need, for any less.

Encouraging Ethical Care

We strongly believe that our pets and their parents are entitled to a long and happy life. We expect nothing less for ourselves, and so we expect nothing less for them.

We’re so passionate about it we require our ethical breeders to agree to care for their breeding stock once they reach retirement. All of our breeders retire their breeding animals and keep them as pets in special Pets Corner Retirement Areas (or where appropriate, re-home them) allowing them to live out their days in love and comfort. That’s the Pets Corner way.

Family Trees

Our ethical breeders can track our rabbits and guinea pigs back several generations (sometimes as far back as ten generations!) and our gerbils and hamsters can be tracked back even further. Not only do we care about where they go when they leave the arms of our teams, we care about where they’ve come from.

Every pet leaves an impression on our stores before they leave. They’re not just animals; our pets and their parents are individuals with personalities.

View our full Ethical Breeder Contract here.