Bunnies Aren’t Just For Easter

Easter’s upon us once again, and the shops are crammed with chocolate Easter eggs and images of (slightly scary) laughing bunnies and impossibly fluffy baby chickens. Which means the most obvious thing to do is to go out and buy a bunny for Easter. Right? Unfortunately, this is the case for many bunnies that go to new homes riding on the Easter bunny wave, and a short time later when the novelty has worn off, find themselves stuck in a hutch at the bottom of the garden or being passed around like that unwanted knitted jumper your mother-in-law bought for you at Christmas.

Bunnies Need Love

Bunnies might seem like a clever gift alternative to an Easter egg, but did you know they can live for 12 years or more? They also require daily feeding and exercise, regular cleaning out, toys to play with and lots of interaction from their human family. If your bunny is unwell it deserves to see the vet as much as you deserve to see the doctor, and this can be costly. It doesn’t seem like such a clever idea now, does it. An Easter egg doesn’t need feeding or exercise, and it doesn’t need you to spend time with it. The last time I heard, Easter eggs don’t need to see the vet either. Stick to Easter eggs as your Easter gifts, and push all thoughts of last minute bunny buying out of your mind. Bunnies are a big commitment and should only be considered as a well researched and very much intentional and important part of your family. Our “All About Rabbits” care guide is a great place to start. At Pets Corner we don’t sell bunnies for Easter; we sell bunnies for life.